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Kyla Kombucha Brewery takeover, DIGS Pizza, w/ Music by Ben Starner, Mia Starner, and Phil Nakano

The great folks from Kyla will be on hand to tell you all about their delicious hard kombucha. So come ask questions and try a cold Kyla Kombucha. We will be serving a DIGS Pizza and salad menu for the evening instead of our usual fare. Additionally Ben Starner will be accompanied by his wife Mia on Vocals and Phil Nakano on percussion and saxophone.

“Ben Starner is a Skagit County native born and raised. Ben has always loved music and has been playing the piano since 12, getting a jump-start from his sister when she taught him Scott Joplin’s classic rag “The Entertainer.” This led to his piano lessons with the first five years of playing saturated in the genres of ragtime and stride solidifying his musical foundation and continuing to be his favored styles. Today, Ben’s love of music and excellent ear affords him the ability to enjoy and perform multiple genres, not forsaking his first loves (jazz and ragtime) but in the true spirit of these styles, adds to the richness of his musical artistry. “