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A celebration of local music (20 local bands!), art, community, and our beautiful homeland.  Four local artists will be painting throughout the day and auctioning their work.  
Thank you so much to our sponsors:  ACE Hardware, Slow Loris, Bikespot, Karen Everett, Guemes Island Resort, How it Works, and Guemes Island General Store!

Here's the schedule, hot off the press!  (disclaimer: times are dynamic)

2:30- Ben Starner
2:50- Sky All Around
3:10- Well Water
3:30- Silm
3:50- Allyson Foster- Paul Benson
4:10- Enthusiasts
4:30- The Mosstones
4:50- Lizzy Webber
5:10- Field Boats
5:30- 7:20 String Band
5:50- Ebb, Slack, Flood
6:10- Karl Blau
6:30- Crabs
6:50- Enduro
7:10- Pearl Tottenham Band
7:30- Jacob Navarro
7:50- New Uniform
8:10- James Harper
8:30- The Opines
9:10- Fanny Alger

We recommend walking onto the ferry and coming early!

Guemes Island General Store
$10.  Kids 12 and under free

Earlier Event: August 25
Later Event: September 21
Yogoman Burning Band